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59. 5 Books Recommendations to Improve Your English!

17 Menit

59. 5 Books Recommendations to Improve Your English!

15 Maret 2021

Reading is an incredibly important skill to learn and improve for all language students. You can build your vocabulary and grammar knowledge, discover new facts about different cultures and history, and enjoy yourself at the same time! It can be scary and frustrating when trying to choose your first English book, so in this episode I’m going to give you 5 classic novel recommendations that are all available as graded readers designed for English learners! TRANSCRIPT -- Recommended Books The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - (PAID LINK) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Graded Reader) - (PAID LINK) Animal Farm - (PAID LINK) Animal Farm (Graded Reader) - (PAID LINK) The Night Manager - (PAID LINK) The Night Manager (Graded Reader) - (PAID LINK) Great Expectations - (PAID LINK) Great Expectation (Graded Reader) - (PAID LINK) Moby Dick - (PAID LINK) Moby Dick (Graded Reader) - (PAID LINK) (I get commissions for purchases made through these links) CONTACT US!! INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast ( Blog - Vocabulary List To underestimate (v) - to fail to guess or understand the real cost, size, difficulty, etc. of something They’ve seriously underestimated the cost of the building project Rewarding (adj) - giving a reward, especially by making you feel satisfied that you have done something important or useful, or done something well Teaching is a really rewarding career Accomplishment (n) - something that is successful, or that is achieved after a lot of work or effort There’s a feeling of accomplishment from having a job and all that goes with it To simplify (v) - to make something less complicated and therefore easier to do or understand He tried to simplify the story for the younger audience To grade (v) - to separate people or things into different levels of quality, size, importance, etc. The fruit is washed and then graded by size Satire (n) - a way of criticizing people or ideas in a humorous way, especially in order to make a political point, or a piece of writing that uses this style Her play was a satire on life in the 1980s Undoubtedly (adv) - used to emphasize that something is true She was undoubtedly the best candidate


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