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Erwin Arifin: Failure is the New Start

Erwin Arifin: Failure is the New Start

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25 Agustus 2023

In this episode, Fail Forward brings to you Erwin Arifin to talk about his experience facing a sudden change in careers from music to finance as a reminder that failure is not the end of the road. Erwin Arifin is the Vice President of Investments at Kejora Capital. Though known for his expertise in the financial field, he had dedicated a portion of his life trying to cultivate a music-related career based on his hobby. His passion for music also encouraged him to establish Sound of Phoenix, an orchestra student club activity at Prasetya Mulya University. In this Fail Forward episode, Erwin will talk about the failures he faced as a musician and how they helped him grow into the person he is today. Listen to today's podcast to hear the inspiring story of Erwin Arifin, who considered himself a "failed musician." Also available on YouTube • Stream now at


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