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S1 : E13 The Loki Preview

1 Jam, 3 Menit

S1 : E13 The Loki Preview

20 Mei 2021

This is our first Loki Preview on The MCU'S Bleeding Edge and we have the entire team together again!!! Perry Ramsey is running this show and Cyber and I( Jeff Sloboda) give our  typical take on the topic at hand, which is of course the Loki Disney Plus Series, produced by Marvel Studios and Kevin Fiege. We get into the comic book origins of Mobius M. Mobius and the Time Keepers, while also delving into Kang The Conqueror and his relationship with the TVA mirroring the one that Loki is essentially going to be having in the series. We have Perry back for this show which is always wonderful because he brings alot to the table and makes myself and Cyber better. We thank those of you to decide to check out this podcast and please your always welcome to leave comments, criticism, questions, or observations at All the best to our families and friends who support our content and all the best to you MCU fans out there!! --- Send in a voice message:


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