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Talking Bigfoot with Aleks Petakov - The Paranormal Podcast 834

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Talking Bigfoot with Aleks Petakov - The Paranormal Podcast 834

28 Mei 2024

We talk about Bigfoot and other mysterious subjects with filmmaker and investigator Aleks Petakov. Aleks is a key member of the Small Town Monsters team and here is some of his work that you should definitely check out! STRANGE PLACES (single episode of multiple) - BIGFOOT BEYOND THE TRAIL (single episode of multiple) -  MONSTER FEST 2 TICKETS: Get your tickets to this fantastic cryptid con in Ohio during late June. I will be there and I hope to see you!  Thanks Aleks! ---  JIM’S NEW CAMPFIRE BOOK! Get your paperback or eBook of Jim’s latest Campfire book, TRUE GHOST STORY: Jim Harold’s Campfire 6. Get all the links here: — PARABOX ParaBox Monthly is your source for amazing one of a kind paranormal t-shirts that will lead you into an online paranormal mystery. Head on over to and use promo code Jim20 to start your paranormal journey today. TRANSCRIPT Find the full transcript at our website here:  -- For more information on our podcast data policy CLICK HERE


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