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155. What is an Endangered Language? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

22 Menit

155. What is an Endangered Language? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

8 Juni 2022

CLICK HERE TO DONATE OR SUPPORT THE PODCAST!!!! - A recent report has revealed that nearly 2500 languages are at risk of becoming extinct in the near future. Why do languages die out? Does it matter if they do? And how can we save an endangered language? Let’s talk about this on today’s episode of Thinking in English! TRANSCRIPT -- You may also like... Sanam Monteiro: Creative Writing, Making Mistakes, and Learning English! Every Royal Word You Need to Know! (English Vocabulary Lesson) 154. Why Can’t America Ban Guns? (English Vocabulary Lesson) 153. Should We Pay Reparations for Slavery? (English Vocabulary Lesson) INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast (  Blog - Vocabulary List Endangered (adj) - things that may soon not exist because there are very few around now The rhino is an endangered animal Generation (n) - all the people of about the same age within a society The younger generation smokes less that their parents did Elder (n) - an older person, especially one with a respected position in society You should listen to the advice of your elders To absorb (v) - to take something in, especially gradually Towels absorb moisture at the expense of (phrase) - resulting in the loss of something They chose to speed up production at the expense of safety To document (v) - to record the details of an event, a process, etc His interest in cars has been well-documented Exclusively (adv) - only That YouTuber has an exclusively female audience To revitalise (v) - to give new life, energy, activity, or success to something They made a plan to revitalise the city centre Multilingualism (n) - knowledge of more languages than a native language The school embraced multilingualism and offered classes in the country’s three national languages


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