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Former FTX chief charged with fraud

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Former FTX chief charged with fraud

14 Desember 2022

US inflation slowed for the second month in a row, the US has formally charged former FTX chief executive, Sam Bankman-Fried, with criminal conspiracy and fraud, and US scientists have made a breakthrough in a powerful clean energy technology. Mentioned in this podcast: US accuses Sam Bankman-Fried of conspiracy and fraud after FTX collapse US shares and bonds surge as inflation hits lowest level since December 2021 How US scientists moved one step closer to dream of fusion power The FT News Briefing is produced by Fiona Symon, Sonja Hutson and Marc Filippino. The show’s editor is Jess Smith. Additional help by Peter Barber, Michael Lello, David da Silva and Gavin Kallmann. Topher Forhecz is the FT’s executive producer. The FT’s global head of audio is Cheryl Brumley. The show’s theme song is by Metaphor Music.  Read a transcript of this episode on Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


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