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178. Do Kids Need More Independence?

36 Menit

178. Do Kids Need More Independence?

14 Januari 2024

Are modern parents too protective? Why do we worry so much about things that almost never happen? And how did Mike learn about bus stops?   SOURCES: David Bjorklund, professor of psychology at Florida Atlantic University. Peter Gray, professor of psychology at Boston College. David Lancy, professor emeritus of anthropology at Utah State University. Lenore Skenazy, president of Let Grow and founder of the Free-Range Kids movement.   RESOURCES: "Decline in Independent Activity as a Cause of Decline in Children’s Mental Well-being: Summary of the Evidence," by Peter Gray, David Lancy, and David Bjorklund (The Journal of Pediatrics, 2023). "Parental Intrusive Homework Support and Math Achievement: Does the Child's Mindset Matter?" by Daeun Park, Elizabeth Gunderson, Erin Maloney, Eli Tsukayama, Sian Beilock, Angela Duckworth, and Susan Levine (Developmental Psychology, 2023). "Children Today Have Less Independence. Is That Fueling a Mental Health Crisis?" by Caitlin Gibson (The Washington Post, 2023). "Yes, the ‘Old Enough!’ Kids Really Think the Camera Crew Are ‘Electricians’," by Charlotte Walsh (Tudum by Netflix, 2022). "Kidnapped Children Make Headlines, but Abduction Is Rare in U.S.," by Jonathan Allen (Reuters, 2019). "Utah’s ‘Free-Range Parenting’ Law Said to Be First in the Nation," by Meagan Flynn (The Washington Post, 2018). "Mother Who Left Baby Outside New York Restaurant in 1997 Says Arrest Was Unjust," (The Guardian, 2017). "Children’s Independent Mobility: An International Comparison and Recommendations for Action," by Ben Shaw, Martha Bicket, Bridget Elliott, Ben Fagan-Watson, and Elisabetta Mocca (Policy Studies Institute, 2015). "I Let My 9-Year-Old Ride the Subway Alone. I Got Labeled the ‘World’s Worst Mom,’" by Lenore Skenazy (The Washington Post, 2015). "Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Ride the Subway Alone," by Lenore Skenazy (The New York Sun, 2008).   EXTRAS: "Should You Give Kids an Allowance or Make Them Get Jobs?" by No Stupid Questions (2022). Old Enough!


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