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S1 : E25 The Loki Disney Plus Series: Finale Review Livestream/ Podcast

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S1 : E25 The Loki Disney Plus Series: Finale Review Livestream/ Podcast

14 Agustus 2021

Welcome and hello to all of you who find your way to this newish episode of The MCU'S Bleeding Edge Podcast on Anchor. We are co-hosted by Cyberneticshark and Jeff Sloboda( TrueKnowledge) and on this Livestream/ Episode of our MCU focused show we are covering the finale of the Loki Disney Plus Series, produced by Marvel Studios. We have Cyber moderating the show and Jeff S joining Alexis, Taylor, and Lord Deathman on the guest panel. Alexis is a friend and regular guest on the podcast and is a regular on the Radulich In Broadcasting Network, and Taylor and Lord Deathman come from the Podcast Of Champions/, also major friends to The MCU'S Bleeding Edge. We delve into and dig deep on the entire 6th episode of Loki, from start to finish, address Kang, drop our general opinions of the finale, and watch and react to the What If Trailer that just came out this week, and wrap up with a final segment doing basic reviews of the Black Widow film. You can contact us for any reason at or The website is and you can find our blog and list of recent podcast episodes on there as well as some polls and a mailing list you can join to subscribe to this wonderful podcast and receive our newest episodes!! #Loki, #Loki Disney Plus, #Owen Wilson, #Kang The Conqueror, #Loki Easter eggs, #Loki ending, #Loki Episode 6 breakdown, #Loki Episode 6, #he who remains, #Marvel Comics, #Marvel Studios, #Marvel Cinematic Universe, #Tom Hiddleston, #Gugu Mbatha-Raw, #Hunter B-15, #Loki Kang, #Lady Loki, #Sophia Di Martino, #Ravonna Renslayer, #Immortus, #Mobius M Mobius, #Loki Reaction, #ending explained, #MCU Trailer reaction, #What If Trailer, #Loki Review, #Null Time-Zone, #Alioth, #classic Loki, #kid Loki, #Alligator Loki, #Boastful Loki, #Kate Herron , #Michael Waldren, #who is Kang, #Loki Spoilers, #Disney Plus, #Loki Episode 6 finale  Jeff is using a AUDIO-TECHNICA ATR2100 usb Microphone, a LOGITECH C920 and C922 Webcam, a 4K 2.0 usb Webcam, and a MacBook Pro.  Intro Song is " Light My Fire" by Fillmore  Co-hosts for this episode are TrueKnowledge( Jeff) and Cyberneticshark, with our Guests being Alexis of the Radulich In Broadcasting Network, a regular on The MCU'S Bleeding Edge, and the owner/operator of Honeysuckle Rose Creations, Taylor and Lord Death Man of the Podcast Of Champions/ --- Send in a voice message:


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