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How to be a futurist | The TED Interview

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How to be a futurist | The TED Interview

27 Desember 2022

Future forecaster and game designer Jane McGonigal ran a social simulation game in 2008 that had players dealing with the effects of a respiratory pandemic set to happen in the next decade. She wasn't literally predicting the 2020 pandemic -- but she got eerily close. In this episode, McGonigal teaches us how to be futurists and talks about the role of imagination and gaming in shaping a future that we're truly excited about. (This episode is part of the TED Talks Daily end-of-year wrap-up. As 2022 draws to a close, we're sharing some of the most perspective-expanding ideas from the TED Audio Collective to give you a sense of the bigger picture, help you better understand the trends of the past year and get ready for the one ahead.)


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