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Ep. 1376 - Trump's Showdown At The Libertarian Convention

57 Menit

Ep. 1376 - Trump's Showdown At The Libertarian Convention

28 Mei 2024

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Donald Trump showed up to the Libertarian Party Convention, where he proceeded to taunt them right to their faces. It was a wonderful moment in the history of American politics. Also, Robert De Niro holds a press conference outside of Trump's trial in New York, for some unknown reason. It does not go well. Police in Florida are on a manhunt to track down the dangerous criminal who left tire marks on a rainbow-colored crosswalk. And, one of the hit songs on TikTok right now is a cheerful ode to the meaninglessness of life and the pointless nature of human existence.   Ep.1376   - - -    DailyWire+:   Watch the latest episode of Judged by Matt Walsh only on DailyWire+:   Get 25% off your DailyWire+ Membership here:   Shop my merch collection here:   - - -    Today’s Sponsors:   Zero Debt USA - Learn how to get out of debt today! Visit   PragerU - Have your donation DOUBLED at   - - -   Socials:    Follow on Twitter:   Follow on Instagram:   Follow on Facebook:   Subscribe on YouTube:


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