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96. What are the Paralympic Games?: Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

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96. What are the Paralympic Games?: Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

25 Agustus 2021

On Tuesday 24th of August, the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will be held! Although the Paralympics tend to attract less attention than their more famous counterparts, the Olympic Games, they are an excellent showcase of incredible athletes with amazing stories. This episode of Thinking in English will introduce what the Paralympics are, some of the history behind the competition, and end by discussing the potential legacy of Tokyo 2020! TRANSCRIPT - You may also like... 88. Why are the Tokyo 2020 Olympics so controversial? (English Vocabulary Lesson) CONTACT ME!! INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast ( Blog - Gmail - Vocabulary List Packed (adj) - completely full The train was so packed that I couldn’t find a seat Spine-tingling (adj) - very special and exciting Watching Usain Bolt win the Olympic hundred metres was one of those spine-tingling moments Amputee (n) - a person who has had an arm or leg cut off due to illness or injury As he is an amputee, he uses a special blade to help him run Impairment (n) - the state of being impaired in some way so that something is weaker and less effective The law bans discrimination against anyone with a mental or physical impairment Rehabilitation (n) - the process of returning to a healthy or good way of life Many amputees in the early stages of their rehabilitation feel despair Ingenuity (n) - someone’s ability to think of clever new ways of doing something I was impressed by the ingenuity of the contestants Legacy (n) - a situation that has developed as a result of past actions and decisions The success of the Olympic Games left a lasting legacy of benefit to the city Inclusive (adj) - an inclusive group or organization tries to include many different types of people and treat them all fairly and equally Our aim is to create a fairer, more inclusive society


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