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Jungles of Thailand Sound Machine (12 Hours)

11 Jam, 57 Menit

Jungles of Thailand Sound Machine (12 Hours)

1 Desember 2023

Thailand’s jungles resonate with the music of its wildly diverse inhabitants twenty-four hours a day! From the treetops comes the Bulbul’s chit-chit-chit, greeting the rising sun. Nearer the forest floor the Asian green bee-eater, reminiscent of a large hummingbird, sings its staccato song. Cicadas and two-spotted crickets hide beneath the leaves and moss, providing a constant background for the avian solos. Listen for the whistles and clicks of the common myna, a master of mimicry. Jewel beetles move slowly through the leaf litter, while rhinoceros beetles barge past, stampeding their way to the next meal. Spotted doves, with their soft, soothing coos, occupy the lower branches, whereas their upstairs neighbors, the Oriental magpies, chatter the day away. As the sun dips below the horizon, tiny frogs with bulging red eyes add to the chorus, continuing the music through the night. --- 🗣️ Follow Us on Instagram & TikTok --- 👉 IF YOU'RE EXPERIENCING ISSUES WITH EPISODES NOT LOADING/PLAYING, download the episode to your device. All Podcast Players have an option to do this. That should resolve the issue! --- If these Sound Machines have been helpful for you, I'd be so grateful if you'd rate the show on either Spotify or Apple Podcasts 🙏 --- To unlock intro-free, ad-free versions of all the 12 Hour Sound Machines, subscribe to the Podcast at This free episode has an ad or two at the very beginning but once the Sound Machine starts, rest assured there will be no more interruptions whatsoever 😴 . If you have any specific sounds you'd like added, hit me up at --- Episode Keywords: Thailand | Jungle | Insect | Insects | Asia | Asian | Bird | Birds | Ambient Noise | Baby | Sleep | Travel | Sound Masking | Sound Cancellation | Meditation | ADHD | Anxiety | Autism --- © 12 Hour Sound Machines, LLC. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this content is strictly prohibited. --- Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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