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Sri Lanka picks a new leader

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Sri Lanka picks a new leader

18 Juli 2022

The leader of Sri Lanka’s biggest opposition party has urged the IMF to provide support to ease the country’s humanitarian crisis and cushion the blow of reforms, once high-flying financial technology companies are seeing their valuations crash to earth, and the FT’s Swamp Notes columnists Ed Luce and Rana Faroohar join Marc Filippino to talk about the changing economic geography of the US.  Mentioned in this podcast: Sri Lanka opposition leader calls on IMF for ‘humane’ treatment, wants fresh elections Half a trillion dollars wiped from once high-flying fintechs  Swamp Notes: The new geography of work The FT News Briefing is produced by Fiona Symon, Sonja Hutson and Marc Filippino. The show’s editor is Jess Smith. Additional help by Peter Barber, Michael Lello, David da Silva and Gavin Kallmann. The show’s theme song is by Metaphor Music. Topher Forhecz is the FT’s executive producer. The FT’s global head of audio is Cheryl Brumley.  Read a transcript of this episode on Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


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