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S1 : E24 The Full Black Widow Movie Review

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S1 : E24 The Full Black Widow Movie Review

14 Agustus 2021

This is The MCU'S Bleeding Edge and this is OUR Black Widow movie review podcast/ livestream from July 21st, 2021. Co-hosted by Cyberneticshark and Jeff S( TrueKnowledge) with guests in the form of Arch of the Podcasts Of Champions, and Yvonne Rempel, host of The Road To Damascus podcast through Anchor, we delve into this first Marvel Studios film in almost 2 years. We cover everything from our personal feelings about Black Widow in the MCU, to the job Cate Shortland did directing the film, to our gripes with the handling of Taskmaster, and so on. Stick around for us playing and then reacting to both of the Shang-Chi trailers as our final segment. Please follow us on whatever podcast distribution platform you find us on, and check out the website at #Black Widow Film, #Dreykov, #Natasha Romanoff, #Scarlett Johansson, #Taskmaster, #David Harbour, #Red Guardian, #Rachel Weisz, #Cate Shortland, #Ray Winstone, #Dreykov's Daughter, #Hawkeye, #Yelena Belova, #Florence Pugh, #Marvel Studios, #Kevin Fiege, #MCU phase 4, #SHIELD, #Madame Hydra, #the Thunderbolts, #The Avengers, #MCU trailer reaction, #Shang-Chi trailer, #Shang-Chi film, Captain America: Civil War, #The MCU'S Bleeding Edge Jeff is using a AUDIO-TECHNICA ATR2100-usb Microphone, a LOGITECH C922 Webcam, LOGITECH C920 Webcam, a 4K 2.0 usb Webcam, and a MacBook Pro.  Intro Music is " Light My Fire" by Fillmore  Co-hosts on this episode are Cyberneticshark and TrueKnowledge( Jeff) with our Guests being Yvonne Rempel, the host of On The Road To Damascus Podcast through Anchor- With Arch Stanton of the Podcast Of Champions/ --- Send in a voice message:


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