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Weekend: Seeing Princess Diana, with ‘Spencer’ director Pablo Larraín

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Weekend: Seeing Princess Diana, with ‘Spencer’ director Pablo Larraín

4 Desember 2021

Do we need another Princess Diana film? Maybe we do, actually. This weekend, we’re talking about new ways to see old things. Lilah speaks with director Pablo Larraín, who our film critic calls ‘one of the most consistently interesting directors in cinema today’. He explains the creative process behind his new film Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart as Diana. Then, we ask the question: what is up with the House of Lords? The FT’s political editor George Parker explains why one of the world’s most prominent democracies has an entirely unelected house of legislature, with some seats passed down hereditarily to eldest sons. --------------------- We want your cultural predictions, wishes, or questions for 2022! Share them with Lilah and FT Magazine editor Matt Vella by December 12. Here’s what to do: Open the voice memo app on your phone. Get close to the mic and say your name, where you’re from and your prediction, then email it to You can write to us, too. But you’re going to sound great on tape, we promise. --------------------- Go to for a special discount on an FT subscription! --------------------- Links from the episode:  –Film critic Danny Leigh’s interview with Pablo Larraín: –Spencer review:  –George Parker on the House of Lords: –Last year’s predictions — forecasting the world in 2021: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


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