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Braveheart Movie Review: The Bleeding Edge Breakdown #braveheartreview #melgibson

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Braveheart Movie Review: The Bleeding Edge Breakdown #braveheartreview #melgibson

6 Juni 2024

Welcome to The MCU's Bleeding Edge YT Channel/Podcast. Tonight, we're diving deep into the heart of the classic Mel Gibson film, 'Braveheart'. Join us this Wednesday at 9:35pm EST/6:35pm PAC as we dissect and discuss this cinematic gem. Whether you're catching us live or enjoying our discussion in pure video form later on, we trust you'll find our insights both engaging and entertaining. Steering this evening's dialogue is none other than our co-host, Jeff S., A.K.A. TrueKnowledge — the rawest moderator in the game. Alongside him, our co-host Cyberneticshark and our guest panel will offer their unfiltered takes. We're honored to be joined by Jesse Starcher, a long-time content creator, podcast host, co-host, and a vital part of the W2M Network on YouTube. We also warmly welcome Tony, a fresh voice, making his first appearance with us. So, strap in, hit that subscribe button, and engage with us in the comments! Let's make this a night of raw revelations and fierce film debates. 🔥 #BleedingEdgeReviews" Intro Outro Music- " When it Comes " by Curtis Cole Cybers LINKS- all his links can be found on YT!! Andres LINKS- Jesse Starcher LINKS- All The MCU'S Bleeding Edge's LINKS Co-host Cyberneticshark is using a Logitech BRIO along with Skullcandy headphones, a Audio- Technica AT2020 Condenser Studio Microphone, going through a 2021 Flagship Lenovo Legion 5 Gaming laptop. Co-host Jeff S(TrueKnowledge) is working with a Audio- Technica ATR2100 Condenser Studio Microphone, along with a pair of Audio- Technica Headphones, Logitech BRIO- C920-C922-Streamcam, going through a 2023 MacBook Pro along with using a ACER Nitro 5. --- Send in a voice message:


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