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S1 : E23 The Iron Man 2 Review With Podcast Of Champions And True Believers MCU & MARVEL Podcast

2 Jam, 14 Menit

S1 : E23 The Iron Man 2 Review With Podcast Of Champions And True Believers MCU & MARVEL Podcast

14 Agustus 2021

This is our livestream review of Iron Man 2 starring Robert Downey Jr once again as Tony Stark. We are The MCU'S Bleeding Edge and we are joined in guest form by Arch of the Podcast Of Champions, as well as Kyle and Kevin of the True Believers: MCU & MARVEL Podcast and we get into what we feel are the critical points of the film. From wether or not Mickey Rourke was a solid villain as Whiplash, to Don Cheadle taking over as Rhodey and becoming War Machine, on to the relationship and chemistry between Pepper Potts and Tony. We then wrap up the recording by reacting to The Batman trailer and having a final segment all about the upcoming Batman film with Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. We want to thank the Podcast Of Champions/ for joining us once again on another MCU Infinity Saga Review, this being our sixth installment and of course many thanks to Kyle and Kevin of True Believers MCU & MARVEL Podcast for joining us. We are co-hosted by Cyberneticshark and Jeff S and will be getting into the What If...? Disney+ Series on our next episode.  #Iron Man 2, #Tony Stark, #Pepper Potts, #War Machine, #Justin Hammer, #Gwyneth Paltrow, #Robert Downey Jr, #Nick Fury, #The Black Widow, #Scarlet Johansson, #SHIELD, #Sam Rockwell, #Whiplash, #Mickey Rourke, #Don Cheadle, #Marvel Studios, #MCU Phase 1, #Thor, #Mjolnir, #Asgaard, #Infinity Saga, #MCU trailer reaction, #The Batman, #Robert Pattinson, #Paul Dano, #The Riddler, #DC films, #The Batman Trailer, #The Penguin, #Jeffrey Wright, #Jim Gordon Jeff is using a AUDIO-TECHNICA ATR2100-USB microphone  Show was recorded on 8/4/21             Hosted by Cyberneticshark and Jeff S,  Guests- Arch Stanton( Podcast Of Champions) Kyle and Kevin( True Believers MCU & MARVEL Podcast Intro Music Is " Ready Your Fire" by Fillmore  --- Send in a voice message:


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