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The Godfather II: Legacy & Power Unfolded | Bleeding Edge Review Live #thegodfather2review

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The Godfather II: Legacy & Power Unfolded | Bleeding Edge Review Live #thegodfather2review

7 Juni 2024

Tonight on The MCU's Bleeding Edge YT Channel/Podcast, delve into the enthralling saga of power, betrayal, and ambition with our live review of "The Godfather Part II" at 9:35pm EST/6:35pm PAC. As the Corleone narrative unfolds further into the realms of legacy and dominion, join Co-host and Creator Jeff S ($TrueKnowledge) as he moderates an evening of in-depth discussion and dissection of this cinematic masterpiece. With the sharp and savvy Co-host Cyberneticshark and the ever-knowledgeable Andres The Pop Culture Guy, along with Matthew host of Born to Watch- A Movie Podcast on YouTube, enriching the guest panel, we’re set to navigate the complex layers that make this sequel a timeless triumph in film history. Your participation makes these events a remarkable experience. Engage with us, drop your thoughts in the comments, and share the stream to invite more aficionados into our discussion. Your support keeps our content thriving, and together, we ensure the legacy of The Bleeding Edge continues to grow. Connect with us, share your passion, and keep the love for cinema alive. Remember, this isn't just movie talk; it's a gathering of enthusiasts on the edge of film fanaticism. Let’s make this evening unforgettable! Intro Music- " When it Comes" by Curtis Cole On this show- Co-host Jeff S($TrueKnowledge) , Co-host Cyberneticshark, Andres The Pop Culture Guy and Matthew on the guest panel. Cybers YT Channel link and his other content is within his channel! - Andres show links - Matthews show links!! Full Show Notes on, along with our MCU blog and full episodes of the podcast. Cyber is using a Logitech BRIO with Skull Candy headphones, through an iPad Pro 2018, Jeff is using a AUDIO-TECHNICA ATR2100 usb microphone with 3 Logitech Webcams( C920- C922- BRIO)) through a MacBook Pro. --- Send in a voice message:


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