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Project Management and Photography (with Fabien Wee)

1 Jam, 9 Menit

Project Management and Photography (with Fabien Wee)

13 Mei 2024

Fabien Wee, an infrastructure and project management student at National University of Singapore and a freelance photographer, lists possible causes of flooding in Singapore, names his go-to song for testing in-ear monitors, and examines Singapore’s attempts to promote local music. Follow our socials: My New Podcast: Website, Instagram, Telegram Fabien: Instagram Sleekyshoots: Instagram As mentioned in this episode: Eusoff Hall open day video 2022 I’m Not Invited by Jakob Ray Eusoff Hall on Instagram and TikTok Eusoff Events Instagram #WHYEUSOFF Telegram Eusoff Hall Engagement Camp Instagram, signup form Inter-Hall Games Crinacle Audio-Technica ATH-LS300iS Moondrop Chu Truthear Zero He Won’t Hold You by Jacob Collier FATfreq Hayabusa Moondrop Dusk AKG N400 Benjamin Kheng Oddblood


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