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Soccer for All

Soccer for All

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22 Juli 2023

Soccer is Lisa's favorite sport. Did you know that there are about 29 million girls and women around the world who share Lisa's passion for this sport? This month we celebrate them and one of the biggest sporting events - the Women's World Cup ⚽ 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️. This event is on track to set a new record and become the most attended women’s sporting event in history! Listen to this episode Stories for Kids podcast when Lisa shares her deep love for soccer, and her concerns about why some people say they don't like women's soccer. ##FIFAWWC We are taking a break. We will come back with the New episodes on the 19 of August.      ☀️ Parents, Inside the Lingokids app, we have 1,200+ fun, interactive activities, games, songs, and videos to help kids learn academics and modern life skills in today’s world. It’s free to try.


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