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This is An MCU PHASE 4 & 5 Preview SPECIAL!!!! #geeknewsnownetwork, #shehulk, #moonknight, #mcufans

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This is An MCU PHASE 4 & 5 Preview SPECIAL!!!! #geeknewsnownetwork, #shehulk, #moonknight, #mcufans

8 Desember 2021

This is yet another action packed episode of The MCU'S Bleeding Edge Podcast through Anchor and now of course with Geek News Now Network, and this time it is a MCU Phase 4/ Phase 5 Preview show with an excellent guest panel and Jeff S ( TrueKnowledge) moderating. We start off with a watch and react to the new Batman trailer from the DC fandom event, then get into everything from Captain Marvel, to the Ms Marvel Disney Plus Series, to Moon Knight, to the X-Men eventually coming to the MCU. There is alot of lively discussion in this show and alot of jokes and shit talking as usual on The Bleeding Edge, a typical fun filled and informative atmosphere like we usually have on these shows. We are joined by guests in William the host of The Geek Gauntlet Podcast, and also a member of The Geek News Now Network- David from Geek News Now, Sally the host of Sally The MCU Girl on Anchor, Jeff the old school comic book fan, and Jermaine the host of New Love Podcast through Anchor. Intro Music- " Light My Fire" by Fillmore Co-host Jeff ( TrueKnowledge) guests Sally, David, William, Jeff, and Jermaine. Full Show Notes on, along with our MCU blog and full episodes of the podcast. --- Send in a voice message:


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