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The true cost of zero commission trading

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The true cost of zero commission trading

10 Juni 2021

Today’s report on US consumer prices is expected to show that prices further accelerated in May, US president Joe Biden will use this week’s G7 summit to encourage allies to join Washington’s tougher stance towards Beijing, and Olympic sponsors worry if being associated with the games will damage their brand. Plus, the FT’s Eva Szalay interviews a market insider who says popular trading platforms that offer “zero commission” trades are not being entirely honest with customers.  Will hot US inflation data unsettle markets? Joe Biden rallies allies to take tougher stance on China Japanese sponsors think twice about being associated with Tokyo Olympics Retail trading frenzy reflects ‘broken’ US equity markets, says XTX’s Gerko Sign up for today’s Future of News event here: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


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