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S1 : E40 This is THE INITIAL FIRST TAKE REVIEW of Marvel Studios The Eternals #ikaris, #thena, #druig, #phastos, #arishem, #sersi, #theebonyblade, #theeternals, #kingo

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S1 : E40 This is THE INITIAL FIRST TAKE REVIEW of Marvel Studios The Eternals #ikaris, #thena, #druig, #phastos, #arishem, #sersi, #theebonyblade, #theeternals, #kingo

8 November 2021

This is yet another new episode on The Bleeding Edge Podcast through Anchor, where you can always find some type of Marvel discussion going on as many of you know by now!! This time this is our first crack, initial review of The Eternals movie produced by Marvel Studios and directed by of course Chloe Zhao. We have some varied opinions and thoughts on this film during the show so if you are looking for a Podcast where everybody is just saying the same old shit, this ain't that Pod. Armed with a at times half assed and always indecent moderator in Jeff, we are lucky to have a veteran, talented, guest panel on this episode that hopefully balances things out!!! Shout out to Geek News Now and all of the GNN fandom, major props to the guests- Mark Radulich, operator and host over at the Radulich In Broadcasting Network, a part of the W2M Network- Alexis, frequent guest on the Radulich In Broadcasting Network and the Bleeding Edge- and Lord Death Man, who hails from the Podcast Of Champions. This ended up being a really excellent, informative discussion about a film that right now some people love and some people hate, and we are always open to hear your opinions on any and all topics related to the MCU and the fandom, just drop us a line on Anchor, or at!!! Intro Music- " Light My Fire" by Fillmore Co-hosted by Cyberneticshark and Jeff ( TrueKnowledge) with Jeff moderating on this episode and joined by guests in Alexis, Mark Radulich, and Lord Death Man.  Full Show Notes on, along with our MCU blog and full episodes of the podcast. Cyber is using a Mercase microphone with Skull Candy headphones, through an iPad Pro 2018, Jeff is using a AUDIO-TECHNICA ATR2100 usb microphone with dual Logitech Webcams( C920- C922) through a MacBook Pro. --- Send in a voice message:


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