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Intentional Words with Rakia Reynolds

36 Menit

Intentional Words with Rakia Reynolds

25 Maret 2021

Adlandia, we continue to highlight independent agencies and founders. In this episode you’ll meet Rakia Reynolds, Executive Officer & Founder of multimedia strategic communications agency. Skai Blue Media focuses on supporting people, product, and places and is working with some of the biggest brands and talent in the industry. Rakia shares her thoughts on moving from the Year of Words to the Year(s) of the Works and what intentionality with language looks and sounds like. She gives us perspective on the role of talent, communities, and why marketers should consider the impact of nano influencers and meeting them at the kitchen table. Rakia also shares additional projects she's working on to drive the industry forward - including building an AI communications platform and a community to support women in the industry. Plus, Alexa and Laura talk about the intersection of content, channel and commerce in the form of everything from creators to shareholders to open-source briefs. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.


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