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EP140 - Joe Dolce | Brave New Weed

EP140 - Joe Dolce | Brave New Weed

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20 April 2021

Pot. Weed. Grass. We all think we know cannabis. But do we? Somewhere between the illicit joints and pot brownies, the conversation stopped -- and only now is it re-taking the center stage as more states pass legislation to legalize. In Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis, author Joe Dolce travels to the new frontier of cannabis, shedding light on everything you didn’t know about weed (and didn’t even think to ask). Through dispatches from Amsterdam, Israel, Colorado, and more, Dolce endeavors to “tear down the walls of the cannabis closet” and find answers to questions. From detailing trials where murderers claimed “insanity due to marijuana consumption” to uncovering success stories about the plant’s impressive medicinal compounds, Dolce paints a fresh portrait of our attitudes towards cannabis and reveals the power of weed. Visit to watch the video.


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