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S3: Betrayal Season 3 Trailer

1 Menit

S3: Betrayal Season 3 Trailer

16 Mei 2024

Stacey Rutherford thought she met her soulmate when she laid eyes on Dr. Justin Rutherford. They fell in love, and it was better than she ever imagined. But this family doctor, beloved father, and cherished husband had dark secrets. He had sworn to do no harm but would resort to any means necessary to save himself.   The brand-new season of Betrayal premieres May 23rd!    We’re excited to share this Betrayal story with you and even more excited to tell you that you can get access to episodes 100% ad free with an iHeart True Crime+ subscription, available exclusively on Apple Podcasts. Plus, you’ll get access to the next episodes 1-week ahead of everyone else - available only to iHeart True Crime+ subscribers! And you’ll also get access to ALL episodes from Betrayal S1 and S2 ad-free as well! So don’t wait! Head to Apple Podcasts, search for “iHeart True Crime+” and subscribe today!  If you would like to reach out to the Betrayal Team, email us at See for privacy information.


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