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78. What is the Eurovision Song Contest? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

18 Menit

78. What is the Eurovision Song Contest? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

19 Mei 2021

In this episode of Thinking in English, I want to talk about one of the most popular events in Europe: the Eurovision Song Contest. With nearly 200 million people watching, and over 40 countries entering, it is a massive contest full of incredible (and sometimes bizarre) performances. Many of the listeners of this podcast are not European, so hopefully you will learn something about the continent's culture today! TRANSCRIPT -- CONTACT US!! INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast ( Twitter - @thinkenglishpod Blog - Gmail - Vocabulary List Contestant (n) - someone who competes in a contest In tonight’s quiz., our contestants have come from all over the country Automatically (adv) - according to rules or schedules that are certain to be followed; and with no human control You get a pay increase automatically after six months Bizarre (adj) - very strange and unusual I went to an incredibly bizarre party last night! Ridiculous (adj) - stupid or unreasonable and deserving to be laughed at Do I look ridiculous in this hat? Puppet (n) - a toy in the shape of a person or animal that you can move with strings or by putting your hand inside We took the children to a puppet show Accordion (n) - a box shaped musical instrument including a folded central part with a keyboard, played by pushing the two ends towards each other My mum made me learn how to play accordion when I was a child Biased (adj) - showing an unreasonable like or dislike for a person based on personal opinions The newspaper gave a very biased report of the meeting Ties (plural n) - the friendly feelings that people have for other people, or special connection with places I no longer feel any ties with my home town


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