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144. Communicating Through Conflict: How to Get Along with Anyone

21 Menit

144. Communicating Through Conflict: How to Get Along with Anyone

28 Mei 2024

Many of us would rank getting along with colleagues as an important aspect of work, but, as Amy Gallo explains, relationships devoid of disagreement can actually be less productive.  “While our natural human instinct is to avoid conflict, I believe that conflicts are not only an inevitable part of interacting with other humans, but they're a necessary part.” Gallo is a workplace expert, host of HBR’s Women at Work podcast, and the author of Getting Along: How to Work With Anyone. Across her work, Gallo touts that the key to transforming conflicts into something productive is to understand its root cause and learn how to reframe them.  “Even at the base of those unhealthy conflicts or those unproductive conflicts is something that needs to be resolved,” she says.  In her conversation with host and strategic communications lecturer Matt Abrahams, Gallo provides useful frameworks and new concepts on how we can approach conflicts at work.   Episode Reference Links: Amy Gallo: Website  Amy Gallo’s Books: Website  Amy Gallo’s Podcast: Women at Work Ep.132 Lean Into Failure: How to Make Mistakes That Work Website / YouTube Connect: Email Questions & Feedback >>> Episode Transcripts >>> Think Fast Talk Smart Website Newsletter Signup + English Language Learning >>> Think Fast Talk Smart >>> LinkedIn Page,  Instagram, YouTube Matt Abrahams >>> LinkedIn Stanford GSB >>> LinkedIn & Twitter Chapters: (00:00:00) Introduction Matt Abrahams introduces guest Amy Gallo, a workplace expert on communication and conflict. (00:01:00) The Role of Conflict in the Workplace The benefits of conflict in professional settings and why not having enough conflict can be detrimental. (00:02:26) Facilitating Effective Conflict Strategies for creating productive conflict and the importance of normalizing conflict. (00:04:45) Frameworks for Navigating Unhealthy Conflict Detailed framework for addressing and transforming unhealthy conflicts into productive discussions. (00:11:56) The Power of Workplace Friendships How workplace friendships can enhance job performance and personal satisfaction. (00:14:01) Balancing Friendships and Professional Boundaries Advice on maintaining effective relationships without compromising professional integrity or favoritism. (00:16:53) The Final Three Questions Amy shares a conflict she handled effectively, a communicator she admires, and her recipe for successful communication. (00:20:01) Conclusion See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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