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Jake Paul Will Bang Tommy Fury

1 Jam, 20 Menit

Jake Paul Will Bang Tommy Fury

7 Juli 2022

Jake Paul pulled up to discuss Tommy Fury pulling out, fighting KSI, how much money he made last year, and his hatred for belly buttons... INDULGE! FILMED 6.29.22 TIME CODES 00:00- Intro 00:55 - Schulz reveals jakes biggest fear 08:54 - Tommy Fury is a PIECE 22:25 - Jake is the problem child 36:43 - Jake v UFC 40:48 - Jake and Andrew love Drake’s new album 41:44 - Jake Paul speaks on Eddie Hearn 44:01- Is KSI scared to fight Jake? 46:28 - Jake made $45m last year - why still fight? 54:57 - Jake thinks he can beat Mike Tyson 01:06:52 - Logan Paul v Jake Paul - will it happen? 01:11:28 - Jake’s craziest video ever #TrendingNow


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