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Oh These Bloody Myths!

37 Menit

Oh These Bloody Myths!

17 November 2022

Thank you to the sponsor of this episode, Sundrop Wellness! In this episode I will be sharing & debunking what I think are the 5 biggest and most pervasive myths surrounding menstruation worldwide — everything from pineapples and demonic creatures, to how tampons steal your virginity and that women are past the dark ages of being treated as second class citizens just by virtue of being a woman. Timestamps: 0:00 — Intro & Indah's Period Horror Stories 6:42 — Myth 1& The Difference Between Being Fatigued & Lazy 10:27 — Myth 2 & How Exercising Is Actually Good For Period Cramps 15:45 — Myth 3 & How You Properly Dispose of Pads 18:56 — Myth 4 & How Losing Your Virginity Actually Works 23:04 — The Stigma & Shame of Being Female 24:10 — Myth 5 & The Cost of Menstruation


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