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Mastering product strategy and growing as a PM | Maggie Crowley (Toast, Drift, Tripadvisor)

Mastering product strategy and growing as a PM | Maggie Crowley (Toast, Drift, Tripadvisor)

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5 November 2023

Maggie Crowley is VP of product at Toast and previously vice president and head of product at Charlie Health, senior director of product management at Drift, and a PM at TripAdvisor. She’s also the host of Build, a podcast dedicated to product and product management. In today’s conversation, Maggie shares: • The value of building a broad-based PM skill set • Three qualities of the best product managers • A step-by-step guide for crafting a product strategy • How to break into PM • Why great writing is often just simplifying your writing • Why being too data-driven is a red flag • The impact of content creation on Maggie’s career — Brought to you by—AI to connect your roadmaps to revenue | Composer—the AI-powered trading platform | Eppo—Run reliable, impactful experiments — Find the full transcript at: — Where to find Maggie Crowley: • X: • LinkedIn: — Where to find Lenny: • Newsletter: • X: • LinkedIn: — In this episode, we cover: (00:00) Maggie’s background (04:06) Three common traits among the best product managers (09:33) Strategy is an important but small part of the job (11:14) How to get better at simplification (13:39) Tips on simplifying your writing (15:13) Ownership as a PM (17:53) Examples of simplifying your work (19:39) Maggie’s Slack support group (21:37) How to improve on following up on your work (23:23) A realistic time horizon for PMs (26:31) Staying in your role vs. trying a new opportunity (27:37) The importance of “carrying the water”  (28:56) Pros and cons of the PM job (31:42) Advice on landing a PM role (34:36) Maggie’s step-by-step process for writing your product strategy (39:55) Not every feature needs a strategy (46:29) The value of working through the process (48:09) Maggie’s one-pager doc  (54:16) Contrarian corner (55:44) The worst product Maggie ever shipped (58:33) Why being “data-driven” is a red flag (1:01:10) Content creation as a career accelerator (1:14:27) Closing thoughts (1:15:17) Lightning round — Referenced: • David Cancel on LinkedIn: • On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction: • Notion: • The Minto Pyramid Principle and the SCR Framework: • Drift: • Maggies Top 5 Product Lessons for 2021: • Unpacking Amazon’s unique ways of working | Bill Carr (author of Working Backwards): • Inside Linear: Building with taste, craft, and focus | Karri Saarinen (co-founder, designer, CEO): • Adam Medros on LinkedIn: • How Figma builds product: • Strategy Document Template: • Shreyas Doshi on pre-mortems, the LNO framework, the three levels of product work, why most execution problems are strategy problems, and ROI vs. opportunity cost thinking: • Einstein quote: • The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience: • Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Dont Have All the Facts: • Scaling People: Tactics for Management and Company Building: • Slow Horses on AppleTV+: • Future: • Ladder: • Pump Log: • Huckleberry: • Toast: • Careers at Toast: • What differentiates the highest-performing product teams | John Cutler (Amplitude, The Beautiful Mess): — Production and marketing by For inquiries about sponsoring the podcast, email [email protected]. — Lenny may be an investor in the companies discussed. Get full access to Lenny's Newsletter at


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