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E478 Shane Gillis

1 Jam, 54 Menit

E478 Shane Gillis

16 Januari 2024

Shane Gillis is a stand-up comedian and podcaster. He is the host of “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast” along with comedian Matt McCusker, and co-created the sketch comedy series “Gilly and Keeves”. His latest special “Beautiful Dogs” is out now on Netflix.  Shane Gillis returns to chat with Theo about moving to Austin, the perils of hot air balloon rides, shady tunnel activity in NYC, the upside to arranged marriages, defensive vomiting, how he got Gabe Davis to do his iconic TD celebration, and more.  Shane Gillis:  ------------------------------------------------ Tour Dates! New Merch: ------------------------------------------------- Sponsored By: Celsius: Go to the Celsius Amazon store to check out all of their flavors. #CELSIUSBrandPartner #CELSIUSLiveFit  Prize Picks: Prize Picks: Download the Prize Picks app and use CODE: THEO. Prize Picks will match your deposit up to $100.  Current: Go to and use code THEO to get $50 when you set up a qualifying $200 direct deposit at sign up. BetterHelp: This show is sponsored by BetterHelp - go to to get 10% off your first month. Füm: Start the Good Habit at  to save 10% off the Journey Pack today. ------------------------------------------------- Music: "Shine" by Bishop Gunn ------------------------------------------------ Submit your funny videos, TikToks, questions and topics you'd like to hear on the podcast to: Hit the Hotline: 985-664-9503 Video Hotline for Theo Upload here: Send mail to: This Past Weekend 1906 Glen Echo Rd PO Box #159359 Nashville, TN 37215 ------------------------------------------------ Find Theo: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Facebook Group: Twitter: YouTube: Clips Channel: Shorts Channel: ------------------------------------------------ Producer: Zach Producer: Nick Producer: Colin Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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