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Episode 328: The Circleville Letter Writer

1 Jam, 9 Menit

Episode 328: The Circleville Letter Writer

20 Juni 2022

The Circleville Letter writer is a case that will absolutely baffle your brain. In 1976 one of the first letters was delivered to Mary Gillespie and it accused her of being one of the many women supposedly having an affair with the superintendent of schools, Gordon Massie. The letters would continue to be sent, not only to Mary, but to most of the residents and business owners in the town. The letter writer seemed to know everything about everyone and would stop at nothing to take down the people they thought were morally wrong…. As if sending intimidating letters across a city is a moral thing to do. By the end of this a possibly innocent man would be sent to prison, another man would end up dead and Mary would survive an attempt on her life.  As always thank you to our sponsors: Rothys: Discover the versatile styles you can wear absolutely anywhere and get $20 off your first purchase at Babbel: Right now, save up to 60% off your subscription when you go Hunter Douglas: morbid today for your freeStyleGets Smarter design guide with fresh takes, creative ideas and smart solutions for dressing your windows. Audible: Visit or text MORBID to 500-500 Simplisafe: You can customize the perfect system for your home in just a few minutes at today and claim a free indoor security camera plus 20% off with Interactive Monitoring See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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