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Patreon Bonus Episode

Patreon Bonus Episode

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21 November 2023

As Thanksgiving week unfolds, we have an exciting surprise for our listeners — a bonus episode that offers a sneak peek into the kind of content we regularly share on Psychopedia Unhinged over at Join Tank and Slater as we dive (more like dip our toes) into cases featured on the main Psychopedia podcast.  With Tank given the green light to unhinge and explore any topic that pops into mind, well, let's just say anything goes!  Slater's sanity be damned.  If you'd like to join our Patreon family, we have two tiers to choose from: the $10 "Semen Demon" tier and the $5 "Little Freaks" tier.   Head on over to check out the unique content each tier offers and consider joining us!   Because we'd love to have you.  Hope you enjoy this bonus episode, in which we discuss EP36: California Cannibal.  And, Happy Thanksgiving! Instagram + Threads: @psychopediapod @tank.sinatra @investigatorslater Patreon: Email: Website: The co-hosts of this podcast were not present at the time(s) of the events described.  Consequently, the information contained in this podcast was obtained from third-party resources and research which we relied upon.  As such, we are unable to guarantee the absolute accuracy, completeness, usefulness and/or  timeliness of the content(s) of this podcast, and assume no liability for any errors and/or omissions as to such content, and/or any offered opinions and/or comments. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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