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Listener Tales 35

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Listener Tales 35

8 Januari 2022

Brought to you by you, for you, from you, and all about you it is Listener Tales # 35!!!!! We have all kinds of craziness going on in this installment. There’s a tale of the clingiest Danish ghost there ever was, but don't get too excited we’re not talking about the ghost of a delicious pastry. We’ve also got a beautiful tribute to Alaina’s Bailey, a John Wayne Gacy connection and a listener tells us of a sign from beyond. You guys always slay the game with these listener tales, if you’ve got one to send it can be sent to and make sure you include “Listener Tales” in the subject line! and use promo code and use code morbid10. For a limited time you can get Just pay $5 for shipping and handling. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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