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The Sunday Story: When Hospitals Don't Say Sorry

The Sunday Story: When Hospitals Don't Say Sorry

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21 Januari 2024

Medical errors happen all the time. They can be overlooked or they can lead to big lawsuits and settlements. But what they rarely lead to is an apology. Doctors and hospitals have long responded to medical mistakes with silence. There are many reasons for this approach: fear of legal liability, loss of status, even shame. But increasingly, patients, families, and yes, doctors, are calling for a new approach, one that acknowledges the lasting damage that comes from a failure to address medical mistakes. This week on The Sunday Story, we talk to Tradeoffs health reporters about a family with a nightmarish story of a what they say was a medical error, and a look at what's being done to keep others from suffering in the same way. Learn more about sponsor message choices: NPR Privacy Policy


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