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Episode 319: The Somerton Man Part 1

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Episode 319: The Somerton Man Part 1

17 Mei 2022

The Somerton Man case is one that has confounded Australia for almost 75 years now. It all started when an unidentifiable man was found dead on Somerton Beach. The man had no wallet, no form of ID, there was no name written inside of his clothing as would have been typical for the time. And it seemed like all of this was on purpose. Things in the case only got stranger when a tiny rolled up piece of paper was found in a hidden fob pocket in the man's jacket. The words on the paper read “Tamam Shud” and were later determined to have been ripped out of a book of poetry written in the 11th century: The Rubaiyat. In part one we’ll dip our toes into the mystery and in part two Ash will be taking everyone to the deep end of the pool for a serious dive into who the heck this man could possibly be and what the heck happened to him., or use promo code morbid at checkout, and get twenty percent off your first order. and start saving with every shipment.  That’s 2 whole months of discounted shipping, absolutely free! and use code morbid to save twenty percent on your first order. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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