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144.2 - The Kentucky Derby

26 Menit

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5 Mei 2023

At the beginning of May every year, horse racing season begins. In the U.S., it starts off with The Kentucky Derby, a horse race that is often referred to as “the most exciting two minutes of sports.” 🐎  Since 1875, eager spectators have been pouring into Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky to watch the ca. 20 racers make their way to the finish line.  Just given how long the event has been around, you can probably imagine how many traditions there are at the event. In today’s episode, you’ll learn about those traditions and the culture and history that makes the event what it is today. Would you want to visit?  Disclaimer: This episode discusses drugs, alcohol and gambling, and therefore it’s listed as explicit!  Be sure to sign up to Season 3 or All Premium Content if you want the English learning material that goes along with this episode.  ***** Premium Content: This episode is part of Season 3. By purchasing Season 3 transcripts, you'll be able to access the full episodes, the full PDF transcripts for episodes 101 - 150, an Mp3 download  and the premium podcast player to work on your pronunciation.   Get ALL PREMIUM CONTENT FOR SEASONS 1 - 3  (with 5 in-depth courses to improve your English,  includes all transcripts + mp3s) Get ONLY the Transcripts for Episodes 001 - 150 Get the Free E-Book: 101 American English Slang Words  American English Accent Course ***** Support the show


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