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video iconDEBATE: Is Feminism Anti-Men? What If I Prefer Traditional Gender Norms? Ft. Cania Citta

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DEBATE: Is Feminism Anti-Men? What If I Prefer Traditional Gender Norms? Ft. Cania Citta

17 Mei 2024


Cania Citta is an Indonesian content creator who promotes learning & nurturing of rationality, empathy, & scientific mindset. She’s most well-known as the co-founder of Malaka Project, co-host for Ruang 28 podcast at Noice, teacher for Logic, Argumentation, & Decision-Making at edtech platform, Zenius Education). She also founded ‘Velma,’ a women’s community in 2020.  0:00 — Unlearning Black & White Thinking in Politics, Cania’s Hoe Phase, Stereotypes of being a Feminist, Why is Cania Not A Feminist 06:03 — How would you define Feminism? Is Feminism Anti-Men? What is the patriarchy, and what would be the signs that the patriarchy has been abolished?  21:45 — Personal preferences for traditional gender norms/values, Nature vs. Nurture, Biology creating Cultural Consequences, Origins of Gender Norms,  48:13 — Feminism and0 religion, Adam & Eve, Agenda, preferences shaped by faith,  01:10:49 — Should men and women be treated and viewed differently? Positive Sexism vs. Hostile Sexism, Metrosexual Men,  01:30:58 — Invisible Women, How the world caters to men, Apple 01:51:12 — Is Indah Still A Feminist? Wokeness Banning Certain Speeches Thank you so much to SARAMONIC INDONESIA for supporting this show by providing us with our audio equipment! Get our setup here: Microphone (SR BV-1):  Microphone Arm (SR-HC5):   MV Mixer: If you are interested in getting Early Access to TIGS episodes, anywhere from 3-7 days in advance, then be sure to follow us on NOICE.

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