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Answering Questions About Love & Romance ft. Peter

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Answering Questions About Love & Romance ft. Peter

15 Februari 2023

This episode was supposed to go up exactly on Tuesday, February 14 but we were experiencing technical difficulties due to poor internet connection, so we're really sorry about that! But hey, it's still Valentines week, so at least we're not that late! Anyways, Peter and I decided to make a fun little get-to-know-us style episode where we answer questions from 'Can We Talk' cards, romance edition cause, duh, Valentines. Get Can We Talk cards here: Timestamps: 0:00 — Indah singing lol 01:21 — Intro 02:40 — Current Relationship Statuses; How long has Indah been single & Does Indah have commitment issues? 9:08 — "What did your past relationship teach you about you?" 20:00 — "What is your standard reason for explaining why you are not in a relationship?" 23:40 — Long Distance Relationships; Can anybody do it? 32:01 — "What do you do when you are waiting for a relationship?" 34:06 — "Would you choose friendship over relationship?" 37:28 — Indah's red flag she watches out for in men 38:27 – "When you get married, in what ways would you want your marriage to be different from your parents?" 43:20 — "Do you think people can meet their true loves online?" 44:35 — "What kind of toxic relationship have you ever seen or experienced?" 53:30 — "How do you know when you love someone?" 57:45 — "What can you tolerate and not tolerate in a relationship?" 01:02:05 — What can you tolerate that most other people can't? 01:07:37 — "What is your idea of a perfect date?" Full episodes of The Indah G Show are available every Thursday 6:00 PM WIB (Indonesia) time on on YouTube, Spotify & Apple Podcast. Episode clips are also available on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok. PSA for all of our deaf & hard-of-hearing viewers & listeners all over the world, our full episodes on YouTube come with automatic English closed captions that have been reviewed and revised by our team to ensure accuracy. For those of our local Indonesian audience in need of Indonesian translations, you can find Bahasa Indonesia closed captions on the episode clips of this episode uploaded on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok, which we will be sure to post a lot of from each and every episode on this show to ensure that none of you miss out.


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