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Ep3: From Zero to $150 Million in under 18 Months! Omair Tariq, founder & CEO, — Product Market Fit podcast

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Ep3: From Zero to $150 Million in under 18 Months! Omair Tariq, founder & CEO, — Product Market Fit podcast

14 Desember 2022’s early story has been nothing short of remarkable! The company was founded in the fall of 2020. And hit $150 million in annualized ARR with an 18 months. To date, the company has raised 400 million in debt and equity financing; and completed nearly a dozen acquisitions. They currently have a roster of over 6,000 brands on the platform. And at last count, a global team of 1400 employees. In this conversation, Omair shares his experience navigating the ship through this period of hypergrowth, leading with vision, and growing by acquisitions. We talk about the state of e-commerce and future trends, and what it means to be brand obsessed. Timestamps: (02:57) What is (05:10) Starting out on an ambitious journey (07:27) Finding a blue ocean instead of competing with the incumbents (09:58) The state of ecommerce and commerce enablement software (is Wall St. right?) (13:14) Growing via acquisition (17:19) Are you a roll-up? (18:49) State of the industry and consolidation (20:55) Maintaining culture when growing at break-neck speed / leading with vision (26:27) Fundraising: venture debt vs. equity financing (29:46) Throwing the playbook out the window / brand obsession (33:57) Evolution of the growth team (35:52) The future of digital marketing in a privacy-first world (38:02) Lightning round and wrap-up Guest contact info: Sponsor: This podcast is brought to you by Grwth offers fractional CMOs, paired with best-in-class digital marketing execution to support early-stage startup success. With a focus on seed and series A companies, Grwth has helped a number of SaaS, digital health, and e-commerce startups build their go-to-market function and scale up. To learn more and book a free consultation, go to Get in touch:


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