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Hakimi’s Wife Was RIGHT & Drake’s A.I. Music w/ Adam Rowe

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18 April 2023

What’s up people, y’all know Adam Rowe from his podcast “Have a Word” and his many comedy specials 0:00 UK and Turkey need to create a master race 03:27 English cuisine is just adding fries 04:56 Gordon Ramsey has gone soft 05:43 British Empire + The Beatles sold out 08:58 Liverpool are the Italians of the UK 10:49 Adam’s ranks ethnics + dumbo voters + Constitution is the Goat 15:48 Liverpool rioting + beefing with everyone + G checking bins 19:40 Everyone knew Paddy Pimblett was the truth 22:44 Scouse’s view on Russia - Ukraine + UK hates refugees 25:56 The sweetheart and the thief 33:45 Dr Catford is the greatest 40:03 KSI drama with the Stanis + Whites the best at racism 52:55 Saying the N word + shout out the Bangos 58:32 Poles are the Mexicans of UK + Wassup my J*p? 01:07:58 Black Alan the Taxi Driver 01:12:38 UK talking funny + dirty Scouse talk 01:16:41 Akaash backlash from Gujaratis 01:19:34 Adam loves country music + “I don’t believe White Christians” 01:22:14 Co-host Dan HATES country music until now 01:25:41 Adam loves fat MILKERS + CAKES 01:27:26 Have a Word might come to the US + UK Tour 01:37:04 Achraf Hakimi finessing + Soccer stars protection 01:45:20 AI - fun distraction or disruptive? 01:51:44 ChatGPT’s version of Adam’s comedy 01:53:10 Banning TikTok + Zuckerberg is our slave + Child Labour 02:00:42 Freedom to try + “Juicy” + next special 02:12:52 Edinburgh Fringe audience different to comedy fans


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