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Matt Gaetz's District, Ukraine Farmland, Guatemala Political Crisis

Matt Gaetz's District, Ukraine Farmland, Guatemala Political Crisis

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6 Oktober 2023

Florida Republican Matt Gaetz is the man who led the rebellion that pushed out House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. What do his constituents think about what he did? Ukraine is often referred to as Europe's breadbasket. But the ongoing war with Russia has devastated some of its most productive farmland. And Guatemala is dealing with the fallout of August's presidential election. Even though election results are certified, the country's attorney general and others want to challenge the results. Want more comprehensive analysis of the most important news of the day, plus a little fun? Subscribe to the Up First newsletter. Today's episode of Up First was edited by Megan Pratz, Amina Khan, Tara Neill and HJ Mai. It was produced by Mansee Khurana and David West. We get engineering support from Stacey Abbott. And our technical director is Zac Coleman. Our director is Chad Campbell. And our executive producer is Erika Aguilar.


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