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Andrew Schulz BOUGHT His Independence

2 Jam, 21 Menit

Andrew Schulz BOUGHT His Independence

5 Juli 2022

What up people! The boys are BACK from vacation and ready to get Flagrant. Buckle up and INDULGE! 00:00 - Start 05:20 - Schulz Reacts to Roe v Wade overturned 24:56 - Vacation catch-up 46:55 - WeezyWTF beat up Alexx 51:33 - Andrew’s Italy tales 01:14:27 - The Vatican is MID and Michelangelo is lit 01:32:10 - best defense for fighting 01:42:30 The best diss ever 01:52:48 Dov enters the building + got the thick neck 01:59:25 Infamous - Andrew’s new special


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