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Episode 485: The Jersey Devil Ft Jodie Sweetin

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Episode 485: The Jersey Devil Ft Jodie Sweetin

14 Agustus 2023

Among the Pine Barrens of New Jersey (a sprawling forest ecosystem in southern New Jersey), it is said there lives an elusive creature that has haunted and delighted the residents of New Jersey and northern Pennsylvania for centuries. The Jersey Devil (sometimes referred to as the Leeds Devil) is variously described as having the features of everything from a dog and horse to a kangaroo and even the devil himself, with sightings coming in waves throughout history, including a large spike in 1909. Join us as we talk with Jodie Sweetin all about this elusive creature. And check out Jodie's new podcast: How Rude, Tanneritos!  How Rude, Tanneritos Thank you to the fantastic David White for research assistance! References Atlantic City Daily Press. 1909. "Superstition abroad." Atlantic City Daily Press, January 25: 4. Jersey City News. 1899. "Jersey sees a devil." Jersey City News, July 29: 7. McCloy, James F. 1976. The Jersey Devil. Wallingford, PA: Middle Atlantic Press. Morning Call. 1909. "Jersey Devil vampire bat." Morning Call, January 22: 1. Morning Post. 1905. "Story of the Leeds Devil." Morning Post, May 2: 5. Pinelands Preservation Society. n.a. The Jersey Devil and Folklore. Accessed July 17, 2023. Trenton Evening Times. 1909. "'Flying Hoof' leaves proofs of visit here." Trenton Evening Times, January 21: 1. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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