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The Tricky Tech-Media Relationship: Kristie Neo of DealStreetAsia

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The Tricky Tech-Media Relationship: Kristie Neo of DealStreetAsia

12 Desember 2022

Kristie Neo, the Editor for Venture Capital coverage at DealStreetAsia, joins the Indo Tekno podcast to reflect on the highs-and-lows of an already storied career covering the tech sector in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. She describes as one of her proudest moments her widely profiled investigative exposé in which Kristie challenged a number of questionable assertions made by self-proclaimed unicorn, Filipino property developer Revolution Precrafted. Kristie laments the often contentious relationship between the media and the tech world. She for instance reflects on the turbulence generated from her recent coverage of the potential "down-round" of a Singapore-based software company, which led to a series of testy exchanges over social media. Kristie is excited with the emergence of the carbon credit market in Indo. Although she is worried that Indonesia's 2024 elections could jeopardize the country's strong support of the tech sector, she adds "I think the Indonesian ecosystem can only grow much bigger and better."


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