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Chapter 3: The Call Home

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Chapter 3: The Call Home

29 Januari 2023

For many African migrants who set out on long and dangerous journeys to Europe, the end point is Huelva province in southwestern Spain. Here, strawberry fields spread for miles and miles and jobs are plentiful. Each year, thousands of seasonal workers cultivate the soil, plant seedlings, water and fertilize and harvest the crops. In Huelva, workers from sub-Saharan Africa often live in dense settlements of semi-permanent structures without electricity or running water. And many are haunted by the question of when—or whether—they'll finally receive the documentation they need to travel home and see their families. In the final installment of our Climate Migration series, All Things Considered co-host Ari Shapiro and his team travel to Huelva and end their trip in Madrid, where they meet a Spanish politician who was once a migrant without papers himself. Ari tells Rachel stories of people who've made it to Spain but long for a sense of home while struggling for a foothold in a new country. This is the third episode of our series focused on Ari's reporting. You can listen to Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 in the Up First feed. Learn more about sponsor message choices: NPR Privacy Policy


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