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Episode 299: The Horrific Murder of Dorothy Eggers

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Episode 299: The Horrific Murder of Dorothy Eggers

17 Februari 2022

When Arthur Eggers walked into the police station to report his wife Dorothy missing, there were a few things about his story that just didn’t quite add up. He had her height off by about 5 inches and he said he was reporting her missing even though he knew she most likely ran off with a truck driver (!!!!) The police were quite concerned though, because they had an unidentified, HEADLESS body, and now they were thinking it could be Arthur’s wife. This tale will take you on so many different rides, you know what to do. Hold on. To. Your. Butts and potentially your food coloring. for having old awesome articles! to get your first two months for less than $1. to claim a free indoor security camera plus 20% off with Interactive Monitoring See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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