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Is Motherhood Anti-Feminist? ft. Lunar

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Is Motherhood Anti-Feminist? ft. Lunar

22 November 2022

Time to sit down for some sisterly talks with Indah & Lunar. How did two young women that have both been raised by single moms grow up to perceive motherhood & marriage? Has modern feminism gone too far in promoting the #girlboss trope that it now has come to the extent of undermining and undervaluing mothers women that genuinely want to take care of the home and raise kids? In this episode we talk about the struggles of living up to the modern feminist expectation of being hyper-independent and defying patriarchal traditions, and is it offensive to call a woman a "housewife?" You're gonna want some snacks, pour some wine, and maybe grab some tissues for this one... Also, sorry for the half-ass timestamps, we went so all over the place and talked so much it's honestly hard to even distinguish the start and end of one topic in the first place, but trust me, that's the fun! Timestamps: 02:02 — Intro, Reflecting On Our Own Mothers, Healing Our Inner Child 21:15 — Is It Anti-Feminist To Be A Mother/Wife? 40:25 — General Part 1 01:00:13 — General Part 2 01:11:14 — Talking more about housewives, I guess


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