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Episode 308: The Case of the Butterfly Man

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Episode 308: The Case of the Butterfly Man

22 Maret 2022

Alaina brings us the news of her first novel (Ash is so fucking proud) The Butcher and the Wren(available to pre-order now!!!!) and also brings us the case of The Butterfly Man. Frank Lockhart was known around town as a pretty normal dude who tried to sell handmade butterfly hair clips to make some extra cash. He and his wife had fallen on hard times and were living in a shelter under an overpass. Little did the sweet townspeople know, this man had escaped prison where he was serving a life sentence for assaulting a young girl and would soon strike again.  Pre-Order The Butcher and the Wren here!!!! ************* As always, thank you to our sponsors: now to SAVE $50. LIQUIDIV.COM and use code MORBID at checkout See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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